Lawrence of House Bennet

Eldest son of the house, with a talent for combat and warfare.


Abilities: Agility 3, Animal Handling 2 (Ride), Athletics 3, Awareness 4 (Empathy, Notice), Cunning 3, Deception 2, Endurance 3, Fighting 4 (Longblade 2), Healing 2, Knowledge 3, Marksmanship 2, Persuasion 3, Status 4 (Breeding, Reputation, Stewardship), Stealth 2, Survival 3, Thievery 2, Warfare 4 (Strategy, Command, Tactics 2), Will 3 (Coordinate)

Intrigue: Intrigue Defense 11, Composure 9

Combat: Combat Defense 10 (naked), Health 9

Qualities: Blood of Valyria, Heir, Flaw: Unsubtle, 2 un-invested Destiny Points


Lawrence is heir to House Bennet and is trying to emulate his father in leadership and martial ability. Like his brother Valamiere and sister Rhiana, he has the silver-white hair and purple eyes common to those with Valyrian heritage.

He is about six feet tall with an athletic, powerful build. He tries to maintain a pleasant demeanor and almost always looks people in the eye when speaking to them. He has a habit of unconsciously imitating his father when they are in the same room, especially if he is accompanying Lord Brice on some kind of official duty. Though Lawrence takes his duties as heir seriously he has a romantic, adventurous side and a desire to be a hero that more than occasionally comes to the surface. When he was a small boy he wanted to be a tourney knight.

Though their personas are as different as night and day, Lawrence trusts his brother completely and will even defend him to their father.

As part of Kegan Rocke’s efforts to ruin House Bennet Lawrence was accused of misconduct with a noblewoman and exiled to the Free Cities. Without his house responsibilities to ground him he passed the time by trying to become a folk hero – gathering a small vigilante force and harassing slavers. Eventually House Bennet convinced his accuser to recant her testimony and his siblings and brother-in-law journeyed abroad to retrieve him.

Lawrence of House Bennet

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