Song of House Bennet

The Greed of Kegan Rocke
The first chapter of the Song of House Bennet

The first adventure involving the PCs’ house revolved around a shadowy conspiracy meant to stoke the simmering hatred between House Bennet and their ancestral enemy House Cole.

The story opened with the only heir to Bennet’s vassal house, Malcolm Jensen, being brutally slain by a bandit knight named Ser Cassius, but more commonly called the “Carver”. Marios Kazan, ward to house Bennet and betrothed of Rhiana Bennet, aided in hatching a scheme to capture the Carver. Faking the death of House Bennet’s eldest son (the player later left the game), Marios infiltrated the Carver’s band of rogues. He later convinced the bandits to turn on the Carver and kill him before the Carver could kidnap Rhiana Bennet and murder Lord Brice Bennet.

With the Carver silenced, Marios and Valamiere Bennet, the house’s second son, set about trying to discover his employer. During this time a group of men, bereft of heraldry, began attacking and destroying villages on both sides of the Cole/Bennet border. The heir to House Cole, Ser Tye Cole , met with Valamiere and the two achieved a tenuous peace.

More to come

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