Rhiana of House Bennet

An athletic young woman with white hair and violet eyes.


Agility 4 (Quickness 1), Animal Handling 4 (Ride 2, Train 2), Athletics 3, Awareness 3, Cunning 3, Deception 2, Endurance 3, Fighting 3, Healing 3 (Treat Injury 1), Knowledge 3, Marksmanship 4 (Bow 3), Persuasion 3, Status 3, Stealth 3, Survival 2, Thievery 2, Warfare 1, Will 3

Intrigue: Intrigue defense 9, Composure 9

Combat: Combat Defense 10, Health 9

Beast Friend, Accurate, Blood of Valyria


Rhiana is the youngest child and only daughter of House Bennet. She spent her childhood avoiding her brothers and Marios by spending as much time as possible in the stables, in the kennels, and on the archery range.

She has a natural gift for both marksmanship and animal training and little enthusiasm for most women’s roles and tasks. Nevertheless, she is a dutiful daughter and married Marios to cement the ties between their families. She has reached the age where she can no longer ignore the dangerous political battlefield that is life for a noble house in Westros and fears she may not be adequately armed. She would do almost anything to maintain the standing and prosperity of House Bennet for future generations.

Her best friend is one of the kennel keepers, (daughter of Jerent, the grizzled captain of the guard).

Recently House Bennet has been granted the lands that formerly belonged to Kegan Rocke. Rhiana and Marios have taken residence there to found a new banner house for House Bennet.

Rhiana of House Bennet

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